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Elections Are A Vital Part Of Our Nation’s Identity. I Keep Them Safe.

American democracy depends on having a reliable, trusted election system. This isn’t an easy task, and problems will arise, but appropriate safeguards and a commitment to equity mean that Wisconsin citizens can trust their elections.

At Kirkpatrick Law Office, I am dedicated to creating the strongest and most dependable election system possible. I go across the state to assist in a wide range of elections issues. If you are concerned about compliance with election law, reach out to my office at 715-609-2321; I’ll come to you.

Common Issues With Election Law

While many issues arise with election law, there are some that appear more frequently than others. I am familiar with all areas of election law, and I can assist you with:

  • Campaign contributions and campaign finance issues, including tracking and filing issues
  • Candidate filing issues, including petitioning for inclusion on ballots
  • Challenging election results during recounts or in potentially compromised elections
  • Polling place compliance and other regulatory issues

I am meticulous, committed and deeply aware of Wisconsin values. I strive to work with all parties, public servants and other institutions throughout the elections process to create lasting, dependable and thorough solutions.

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If you are concerned about an election law issue, the stakes are too high to risk. You should find an attorney who will advocate for your needs and who understands the nuances of the elections process. Contact my office today to schedule a meeting.