Honesty. Integrity. Justice.

I work across Wisconsin to protect your rights, pursue your best interest, and create a better place to live and work.

Creating A Fairer Legal System For All

Criminal Defense

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Election Law

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A Robust Practice Serving All Of Wisconsin

I am attorney Matthew Kirkpatrick. I have decades of experience with the legal system. Throughout my practice, my approach is the same. I go above and beyond to serve the people of Wisconsin. This means that I examine your case closely, develop a strong strategy on your behalf and advocate for you with commitment.

My casework includes:

  • Defending the accused throughout criminal proceedings
  • Assisting local businesses and lenders during small claims issues and debt collection
  • Representing election officials, candidates and voters in election law issues

I travel across the state to more than 30 counties and even into Minnesota as part of my commitment to you. I do not hesitate, and I do not wait. I bring my years of experience and my full range of resources to every case I work.

Providing Comprehensive Criminal Defense Services And More Across Wisconsin

Honesty Always – This Is My Promise To You

The legal ideal is one of justice and integrity. This is true whether you face criminal allegations or are fighting for a fair election.

I live up to this ideal through transparent, direct communication. When I meet with you, I take time to sit down and explain your options in detail. I do not hide unpleasant truths, and I do not exaggerate. I lay out the evidence at play, explain how the law applies to your case and explain what I can do to help mitigate negative outcomes.

I Go Where Justice Is Needed

I Am Ready When You Need Me

Me and my support staff work together to act promptly and respond to your needs. I apply my years of experience to your case and can guide you to the success you desire. Call 715-609-2321 or use the form below to get in touch with me.